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Friday, 14 July 2017

New Galaxy S8 Software Update - No More Burn-In?

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The Galaxy S8 is one of the newest phones to hit the market this year, and with any new phone, there will always be some major problem. Remember the iPhone 6 #BendGate or the when the Note 7 turned into a suicide bomber?

The S8 also happened to be the first time Samsung had moved the physical home button to a software-controlled virtual one on the display. But if there's one thing we know, AMOLED displays and static images don't tend to get along well.

Users started reporting burn-in within the first few weeks of the phone's release, and pictures like this started circulating on the internet:

Samsung managed to make a good decision and make the home button move on the AOD (or Always-On-Display) [Watch our AOD test here] but instead of doing the same thing to the navigation bar when the phone was turned on, they decided to just force auto-lock to only go to a maximum of 10 minutes so users couldn't accidentally leave a static image on the screen for too long. [Watch our Navigation Bar test here]

The problem with this is people who need to write many emails or browse the web a lot will be moving the display, therefore it will not go to auto-lock, therefore the static navigation bar would be stuck on the display if the phone was in use for extended periods of time.

But it seems that Samsung have finally listened to our concerns, and have issued a software update for the Galaxy S8. The update may not give us the new Android 7.1, but it does have a pretty cool feature to prevent navigation bar burn-in.

If you look to the far left of the navigation bar, it now has a small dot that seems to look like it may be a software glitch that was put there by accident. But if you tap the dot, it actually hides the navigation bar, making whatever content you are viewing take up the entire screen.

This is useful for people who want to take advantage of the extra screen height or who just want to reduce the risk of burn-in happening. The pressure-sensitive home button still works even when the navigation bar is hidden, so you just push where the button would be and it works as normal.

To bring the navigation bar back, you can swipe upwards from the screen and choose to pin it back or just press one button and hide it again.

Besides that, the new update also includes updated security features, so even if you don't enjoy Android 7.1 just yet, you'll have the peace of mind that you're fu**ing untouchable.

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