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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Earn free money with your phone by doing nothing.

Free money is great, but what if you don't have time for surveys and offers? Earning money for nothing - or "passive income" - actually exists and it isn't too good to be true, however if you've heard about passive income apps before you probably know that most of them require a video to be played on the screen. This means you can't actually use your phone while earning.

We've spoken about a desktop app like this before, and now there's a way to earn a passive income with your smartphone while still being able to use it. Slidejoy allows you to earn free money whenever you unlock your phone. It's able to do this by putting a paid ad on your lock screen, but it's also got some cool other features.

If you slide to the right you can unlock your phone as usual, and if you swipe to the left you can open the ad that's displayed (if you're interested). Swiping down shows your notifications and recently used apps, and swiping up opens live news from Google News, without having to unlock your phone. Of course, none of these features will give you extra money since it's just the banner ad impression you're being paid for.

You would earn about $15USD per month by using your phone as normal. It's not a lot, but considering you're not doing any work why not give it a go?

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