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Friday, 2 December 2016

This desktop app pays you for every minute it's open (MyCashBar Review)

Get Paid To programs are most commonly websites and mobile apps, but now there's a Windows app that pays you to leave it running. So what exactly does it do? It's an app, so can it install viruses or collect personal data?

MyCashBar doesn't install or collect anything. It actually just displays banner ads at the bottom of your desktop. For example, while you're browsing the web (Chrome, Firefox etc.) MyCashBar will display ads just under your browser. The best thing is, it's created it's own mini-browser so if any of the ads try to redirect the user, it goes right back without affecting anything else you're doing.

MyCashBar doesn't only work with web browsers. You could be doing anything on your computer and as long as MyCashBar is running you'll receive points (or impressions every minute or so) which are exchanged to cash at the start of every month. You can also receive bonus points as sometimes the ads are replaced with some text saying "Click Bonus" - clicking on MyCashBar while it says Click Bonus will credit you with up to 1000 bonus points!

The minimum cashout is $5 via PayPal or Payza, but there are more options available. MyCashBar is completely real and safe - it's even running right now while this blog is being typed! And if you want to earn the most, run MyCashBar on multiple computers all at the same time!

Click here to download MyCashBar and create a free account!

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