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Thursday, 24 November 2016

AlexaMaster literally pays you just to leave a window open.

If you're looking for ways to earn money or improve your website SEO ranking you've probably heard of Autosufing. Autosurfing is pretty much what the name suggests. Automatically surfing websites with an application or just a browser tab. Usually autosurfing only comes in the form of traffic exchange - "you view my website, I view yours."

But with AlexaMaster, instead of giving you views to your website, actually pays you to your PayPal account. This means you can earn money for doing absolutely nothing. Just open the tab whenever you're computer is online and earn extra cash!

AlexaMaster pays you in virtual points. For example, if you view a website for 1 minute you might earn about 10 or 20 points. 300 points = $0.01, so $1 to your PayPal account would be 30,000 points. Now here comes the fun part: We're going to work out how much you would earn every day!

You're earning 15 points a minute for leaving the autosurf open. It would take you about 20 minutes to earn $0.01. That means every hour you earn $0.05 for doing absolutely nothing. Let's say your computer is on for about 12 hours each day, even if you're not there using it. That's $0.60 a day for doing nothing.

Even better, you leave your computer on all the time, 24 hours a day, as long as you keep the AlexaMaster autosurf tab open you'd be earning about $1.20 a day, and remember, you're earning money without doing anything yourself.

So now you're earning about $8.40/week (that's over $35 a month) for doing absolutely nothing. Plus, AlexaMaster doesn't only have Autosurf. You can earn up to 297 points each (that's $0.01) for liking Facebook pages or watching YouTube videos! So if you like 100 Facebook pages you've almost got $1 instantly anyway!

Still not sure about the Autosurf? You can try it out with this link here, and if you're ready to sign up to AlexaMaster you can do so here.

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