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Saturday, 23 September 2017

How to hide the 000webhost watermark on free websites

000webhost is a free website hosting service - we've talked about them before in our post about CR Servers, a paid hosting service in which we said free hosting sites such as 000webhost have ads/branding. And it's true, 000webhost does advertise itself on all free websites, however we've recently discovered a hidden setting that allows you to disable the watermarks.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to remove the 000webhost watermark

1. Login to your 000webhost account and manage the website you want to hide the watermark on

2. From the upper right corner, navigate to Settings > General

3. Scroll down and find the branding option, which is on by default

4. Click the toggle so it disables branding

Afterwards, the result should look like this:

Thanks for reading, we hope this helped!
If you don't know what 000webhost is, click here to visit the website

Friday, 14 July 2017

New Galaxy S8 Software Update - No More Burn-In?

Video Version:

Text Version:

The Galaxy S8 is one of the newest phones to hit the market this year, and with any new phone, there will always be some major problem. Remember the iPhone 6 #BendGate or the when the Note 7 turned into a suicide bomber?

The S8 also happened to be the first time Samsung had moved the physical home button to a software-controlled virtual one on the display. But if there's one thing we know, AMOLED displays and static images don't tend to get along well.

Users started reporting burn-in within the first few weeks of the phone's release, and pictures like this started circulating on the internet:

Samsung managed to make a good decision and make the home button move on the AOD (or Always-On-Display) [Watch our AOD test here] but instead of doing the same thing to the navigation bar when the phone was turned on, they decided to just force auto-lock to only go to a maximum of 10 minutes so users couldn't accidentally leave a static image on the screen for too long. [Watch our Navigation Bar test here]

The problem with this is people who need to write many emails or browse the web a lot will be moving the display, therefore it will not go to auto-lock, therefore the static navigation bar would be stuck on the display if the phone was in use for extended periods of time.

But it seems that Samsung have finally listened to our concerns, and have issued a software update for the Galaxy S8. The update may not give us the new Android 7.1, but it does have a pretty cool feature to prevent navigation bar burn-in.

If you look to the far left of the navigation bar, it now has a small dot that seems to look like it may be a software glitch that was put there by accident. But if you tap the dot, it actually hides the navigation bar, making whatever content you are viewing take up the entire screen.

This is useful for people who want to take advantage of the extra screen height or who just want to reduce the risk of burn-in happening. The pressure-sensitive home button still works even when the navigation bar is hidden, so you just push where the button would be and it works as normal.

To bring the navigation bar back, you can swipe upwards from the screen and choose to pin it back or just press one button and hide it again.

Besides that, the new update also includes updated security features, so even if you don't enjoy Android 7.1 just yet, you'll have the peace of mind that you're fu**ing untouchable.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

The only free website builder that doesn't have a billion watermarks.

If you're into website development, you definitely know about Webs, Weebly, Wix, and all the other website builders that, not only all start with "W" for no apparent reason, but also cover every single page with ads for themselves, usually ads that will actually come up and cover content, and always be shown. While there are ways to remove these ads (either by paying stupid amounts of money or installing 3rd-party scripts), it's just not convenient.

A while ago, Tweakly discovered a way to build a free website without all that crap covering your page, and today I'd like to share it with you. It's a little webapp called Zoho Sites. Zoho are well-known for, among other things, their CRM services, simple invoice tools, and easy-to-use webmail (they're responsible for our emails)

So, let's get started and build your website!

The first thing you'll want to do is head over to and create a Zoho account. Once you've signed up, visit and login to your account. If you're not taken to your site list, be sure to find a link that says "My Sites" or something similar.

Step 1: Click the Create a Site button in your site list

Step 2: Select a template you like - we'll be using our default Tweakly one.

OPTIONAL: There will be a tiny ad on your page, and it'd be nice to leave it there since it's not too big or intrusive. However, if you do want to go on a witch hunt and remove every single piece of branding, scroll to the bottom of your page and click the Share to Remove Zoho Ad link.

Click one of the buttons to share on Facebook or Twitter (you don't actually have to share, just close the popup window) and then you're done! Enjoy building your website and leave a link to us in the comments below this post so we can share and enjoy your work!

Disclaimer: Zoho is not a sponsor or affiliate of Tweakly. They just have cool stuff we thought you'd like to see.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Tweakly Hub is now available on Android!

Hey Tweakly Hub fans! First of all, we're going to be posting much more often from now on, so no more month-long waits between articles.

Moving on, Tweakly Hub is now available as a full Android app, so you can check up on your favorite topics in an easy-to-use immersive experience! The app works great with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 too, for those asking.

Download the new Tweakly Hub app on your Android phone or tablet and stay up to date with the general internet.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Earn free money with your phone by doing nothing.

Free money is great, but what if you don't have time for surveys and offers? Earning money for nothing - or "passive income" - actually exists and it isn't too good to be true, however if you've heard about passive income apps before you probably know that most of them require a video to be played on the screen. This means you can't actually use your phone while earning.

We've spoken about a desktop app like this before, and now there's a way to earn a passive income with your smartphone while still being able to use it. Slidejoy allows you to earn free money whenever you unlock your phone. It's able to do this by putting a paid ad on your lock screen, but it's also got some cool other features.

If you slide to the right you can unlock your phone as usual, and if you swipe to the left you can open the ad that's displayed (if you're interested). Swiping down shows your notifications and recently used apps, and swiping up opens live news from Google News, without having to unlock your phone. Of course, none of these features will give you extra money since it's just the banner ad impression you're being paid for.

You would earn about $15USD per month by using your phone as normal. It's not a lot, but considering you're not doing any work why not give it a go?

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Earnably has a way to earn for everyone!

Earnably is a GPT site, however what makes it much more useful than other sites is that it has noticeably more ways to earn money. You can get paid from as low as $1 via PayPal, Bitcoin or Amazon.

The easiest way to earn is by listening to regular internet radio. You just leave a tab open playing popular music, and every 10 minutes you get paid for the short ads they have. Another easy way is by watching videos. There are many different offer walls that let you watch videos, you can find one yourself!

Earnably also offers some little perks such as promo codes (Ranging from 1 to 10 bonus points each time), levels which you can achieve by earning more points, daily prizes for levelled up members (From past experience you can get up to 100 points, worth $1USD, on even just level 1!), and more.

Another way to earn is with Surveys. This isn't too special considering that's what most GPT sites offer, however Earnably seems to pay you more than what other sites pay you for doing the exact same offers. Earnably also has PTC ads from the "PTCwall" Offer Wall. You can get paid up to $0.01 (from past experience) just by clicking links. MinuteStaff (another offer wall on Earnably) also offers a similar program.

An Earnably-Exclusive way to earn is with Actions. Actions are basically things you do to promote Earnably (Such as tweeting, writing forum and blog posts, making YouTube videos and more), even writing a blog post like this one can get you $5!

There are so many more offer walls on Earnably, both the popular ones like Peanut Labs,, AdWall, SuperRewards, AdGate, etc. and the less-well-known high paying ones such as MinuteStaff, PTCwall, Dryverless Ads, OfferToro and more.

We'll leave all the other cool features for you to discover on your own! Also, if you leave the "I was referred" checkbox enabled you'll be helping out Tweakly Hub while earning money yourself!

Check out Earnably here:

Sunday, 22 January 2017

We might've just found the best web hosting.

As website developers here at Tweakly we know that it can be very hard to find good website hosting. We've used loads of free and paid hosts, and now we're sharing the best website hosting with you!

Today we're talking about "CR Servers" which is a reliable hosting platform located in Costa Rica. They have plans for website hosting, VPS servers, dedicated servers and various other products but today we'll be talking about website hosting.

Unlike free hosts such as 000webhost, CR Servers has no ads or limits. You can even get a free domain if you choose a yearly contract!

There are various types of hosting plans but we're just going to talk about the 3 main ones.

Start Up Plan: This plan is $10 every month (cheaper if you choose longer contracts) and gives you 1GB of website storage and 20GB of monthly bandwith. Personally we would not choose this plan because of our large bandwidth requirements but if you are looking to start your first website this is the cheapest way to do so. You'll also get 20 email accounts for custom emails.

Application Plan: This is quite a good upgrade from the start up plan, especially considering it comes in at only $15 per month. You get 5GB of storage and 40GB of monthly bandwidth, 30 custom emails and a MySQL database. You can also easily install or migrate apps like Wordpress. This is probably the best option for new website owners, even though it's $5 above the start up plan.

E-commerce Plan: This is mainly for people who need stronger websites and already have some hosting experience. Coming in at $25 monthly you'll get 15GB of storage, 100GB of monthly bandwidth, 50 custom emails, 2 MySQL databases and a free bonus SSL Certificate. If you want to open a store, you have the option to install shopping cart scripts such as Magento or OpenCart.

Our pick: Here at Tweakly we recommend the Application plan. It's relatively cheap, gets you a MySQL database and a lot more storage and bandwidth than its $5 cheaper option and the option to install plugins like Wordpress, which will help if you're new to website hosting.

Click here to check out the web hosting plans CR Servers has to offer.

Plus, we've reached out to CR Servers to make some discount codes for Tweakly Hub readers! They may not be too big, but they are coming out of our own money and not a sponsorship deal!

Use code U4BBDMYOOU18 for 5% off your first purchase only, or 5N207QXYBDGE to save 2% off forever.

This is just our way to say thanks for reading Tweakly hub!

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